Hepatitis B Vaccination Coverage among Bangladeshi Healthcare Workers: Findings from Tertiary Care Hospitals

Published: 2022 | 10.3390/vaccines11010041 | Bangladesh

Authors: Harun MGD, Sumon SA, Mohona TM, Rahman A, Abdullah SAHM, Islam MS, Anwar MMU.,

Heavy Metals Accumulation in Tissues of Wild and Farmed Barramundi from the Northern Bay of Bengal Coast, and Its Estimated Human Health Risks

Published: 2022 | 10.3390/toxics10080410 | Bangladesh

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Heavy metal pollution through hand loom-dyeing effluents and its effect on the community health

Published: 2022 | 10.1007/s11356-022-20425-5 | Bangladesh

Authors: Islam S, Rahman A, Nahar K, Chowdhury SR, Ahmed I, Mohiuddin KM.,

Healthcare-seeking behaviour of marginalised older people in urban slums: a cross-sectional survey study in Khulna City, Bangladesh

Published: 2022 | 10.1136/bmjopen-2022-066376 | Bangladesh

Authors: Jahan N, Akter S, Heme MA, Chandra D, Polly A, Siddiqua L, Rahman R, Mohsin KF, Hossain MT.,

Healthcare Systems Strengthening in Smaller Cities in Bangladesh: Geospatial Insights From the Municipality of Dinajpur

Published: 2020 | 10.1177/1178632920951586 | Bangladesh

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Health-care investments for the urban populations, Bangladesh and India

Published: 2020 | 10.2471/BLT.19.234252 | Outside Bangladesh

Authors: Wu DC, Banzon EP, Gelband H, Chin B, Malhotra V, Khetrapal S, Watkins D, Ra S, Jamison DT, Jha P.,

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